More about PPC/SEM

You’ve probably all heard the phrase “low hanging fruit”.  Well in terms of you and your business – “low hanging fruit” is a potential customer or group of many potential customers who are in the final stages of the buying cycle for the product or service you and your business offer.  A PPC/SEM campaign is an excellent way to make sure that your company capitalizes on the “low hanging fruit” for your particular product or service.  PPC/SEM campaigns start working for businesses they very same day that the business is launched and when a campaign is built, managed and optimized correctly it typically generates a solid ROI.  As the PPC/SEM campaign matures, more data points are captured and it allows our team to optimize the campaign which leads to better results – i.e. more leads and a higher ROI.  Typically campaigns perform just fine in month one, but in month two we see even better results and in month three even better results yet.  I’ve had campaigns that have run for multiple years non-stop and we’ll still see “best ever months” that continue to occur two and three years into a campaign.  Don’t get me wrong – not every month is better than the previous month but on a whole if you were to graph the performance the overall trend line definitely moves in a positive direction.

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