Claim your Business Listing in the new “Yellow Pages”…… Google

Remember when you had to advertise in the "Yellow Pages" in order for your business to be found?  Obviously those days are gone, but there is still a modern version in which people actively search for business that fulfill a particular need.  The new modern day version of the "Yellow Pages" is ....Google.  When a person is in need of a particular product or service where do they turn?  That's right they turn to Google for a quick search that they hope will give them the answer they're looking for.  Now the key for you as a business owner is to sure that people can find you and honestly not just find you, but be able to quickly and easily find you.  The easiest and most sure fire way for that to happen you ask?  A paid  ad as part of a SEM/PPC advertising campaign.  SEM(Search Engine marketing) and PPC(Pay per Click) are both acronyms that mean the same thing.  They both refer to advertisement that shows up in a search engine query in which you as the advertiser are only charged if someone clicks on your ad.  You can control which keywords you bid on, how much your max bid is along with your total overall budget for the campaign.  A SEM/PPC campaign is really a advertising MUST if for your particular industry it's common for your potential customers to engage in a search in order to find your product and service. SEM/PPC is considered a form of advertising but it's really a directory listing.  In order for your company to get it's fair share of the pie and then some you must make sure that your company is listed in the "Google" directory.

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